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Safe puncture repairs

For a tyre puncture to be professionally repairable, certain conditions must be met. The puncture must be situated within the central portion of the tyre, and the puncture hole should not exceed a diameter of 6mm. No indications of degradation, such as splits or cuts, should be visible on either the inner or outer surfaces of the tyre, and the overall condition of the tyres must be excellent. Meeting these criteria ensures that your tyre puncture can be repaired effectively and professionally.

At Tyres24, we offer professional puncture repairs both through our mobile service vehicles and at our drive-in centre. Our tyre technicians will carefully remove and examine your tyre for any signs of damage. If the puncture is within the middle 75% of the tyre tread, we can perform a puncture repair in accordance with British Standard AU 159. This ensures your car tyre remains safe for you and other road users.

High-performance tyres, specifically those with a speed rating of ‘V’ (149mph) and above, can only have one puncture repair in their lifetime. Additionally, tyre manufacturers state that run flat tyres cannot be repaired for safety reasons. Run flat tyres have reinforced sidewalls, making it extremely difficult to identify structural damage caused by driving on a flat tyre. As a result, any repair attempt is too dangerous to consider.

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Mobile tyre fitting changing a tyre for a mercedes benz.

Computerised wheel balancing

The manufacturing process of wheels and tyres often results in minor weight imbalances. As your car’s speed increases, these imbalances can cause the wheels to spin unevenly, leading to vibrations in the steering wheel and accelerated tyre tread wear.

At Tyres24, our computerised wheel balancing precisely determines where to add small weights to the wheel rim to correct these imbalances. This ensures even weight distribution, allowing the wheels to spin smoothly at high speeds.

Tyres24 includes a comprehensive wheel balance check with every new tyre fitted by our mobile service vehicles and at our drive-in centre. Trust us to keep your ride smooth and your tyres lasting longer.

Tyre pressure maintenance

Maintaining the correct air pressure in your tyres improves vehicle safety, minimizes fuel consumption, and extends the service life of your tyres.

You should regularly check your car tyre pressures, at least monthly and especially before long-distance journeys. Ensure the tyres are cold when you check them, and use an accurate pressure gauge for the most reliable readings.

The recommended tyre pressures can usually be found in the owner’s handbook or on a sticker located in the driver’s door or fuel tank flap. Most cars require different pressures for the front and rear tyres, and these pressures should be increased when carrying heavier loads, such as during family holidays. The air pressure is typically stated in PSI (pounds per square inch) or BAR pressure.

Regularly maintaining correct tyre pressure is essential for your vehicle’s performance and safety. Trust Tyres24 for all your tyre care needs.

The Importance of Regular Tyre Maintenance: Tips and Tricks

Legal tread depth

It’s quick and easy to check if your car tyres are legal using a 20p coin. Insert the coin into the tread grooves in three locations, both across the tread and around the tyre. If you cannot see the outer band of the 20p coin, your tyres are above the legal limit of 1.6mm.

If your tread is nearing the minimum depth, it’s time for Tyres24 to replace them with a quality new set. As your tread wears down, your braking distance deteriorates rapidly, and you risk aquaplaning on wet road surfaces. If you notice uneven tread wear, we recommend our wheel alignment service to maximize the life of your new tyres.

Trust Tyres24 for all your tyre needs, ensuring safety and performance on every journey.

In Need of Emergency Mobile Tyre Fitting Services?

Is your tyre flat, blown out, or simply in need of replacement? Look no further. Our emergency mobile tyre fitting service is your reliable solution when you’re in a tyre crisis.

Whether it’s a sudden flat tyre, a blown-out situation, or just the time for new tyres, Tyres24’s expert team is at your service. We come to you, no matter where you are, to provide swift and efficient tyre fitting and repairs. Don’t let a tyre issue disrupt your plans – contact us for immediate assistance.